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VerticalResponse helps users create and send great email campaigns. We make contact and list management easy, allowing users to create contacts, group them into meaningful lists, and use these lists to send targeted email campaigns. VerticalResponse provides REST APIs to manage contacts, lists, messages and custom fields. Developers can integrate VerticalResponse's email and social marketing functionality into their applications to provide their customers with new and interesting ways to create and manage marketing campaigns.

Use Cases 

The following are use cases supported by VerticalResponse's API: 


Contacts are recipients of marketing campaigns - typically customers or leads of a business. The VR API allows for contacts to be created, updated, deleted, retrieved etc. Contacts can also be created in batches, currently 10,000 at a time. In addition, users can retrieve data about campaigns that were sent to specific contacts, lists, etc.


Lists are used to partition and organize contacts, and the VR API allows customers to create and manage these lists. The API also allows customers to add contacts to lists, remove them from lists, etc. The API, like the application, enforces the limits of a customer's VerticalResponse account, ensuring that only the maximum number of contacts authorized for that customer can be added.

Email and Social Media Posts

Email and social posts can be created, updated, and managed at any time then scheduled to deploy at a future date and time. A key feature is that emails can be sent to specific contact lists, allowing the customer to launch very targeted campaigns.


The API also allows the pulling of detailed statistical information about a campaign. This includes information such as the number of click- throughs, bounce rates, unsubscribes, and a number of other key campaign-related performance indicators. This allows a customer to better understand performance by providing the insight necessary to optimize these campaigns.

Summary of Endpoints

The following is a brief description of each endpoint exposed by the VerticalResponse API:

/api/v1/contacts: allows for the creation and management of a campaign contact. Calls are  available to create, update, delete, and read a contact’s information,  as well as to create and delete multiple contacts in batches.  

/api/v1/lists  : lists  are used to partition and organize contacts into different groups which  can be targeted by a campaign. In addition to the master list which  every contact is part of, this end point allows for the creation and  management of custom lists. Once created, campaigns can then be sent to  one or more lists.  

/api/v1/messages  : retrieves the complete list of messages in a user's account including  email and social posts in draft, scheduled, and sent state.

/api/v1/messages/emails : allows for the creation, management, and launching of emails.  Additional calls are available on this endpoint to unschedule emails and  obtain stats about emails that were sent.  
/api/v1/messages/social_posts  :  allows for the creation, management, and launching of social posts, similar to the emails endpoint. 
/api/v1/custom_fields :  allows for the creation and management of custom fields for use with  contacts. Additional fields are application specific allowing for custom  contact information to be stored in addition to the standard contact  fields (e.g. name, email, etc.).  

/api/v1/status  :  obtains the status of the Vertical Response API indicating if it is currently up and servicing requests.