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Create and Launch an Email

To create an email, perform a POST operation on the https://vrapi.verticalresponse.com/api/v1/messages/emails/ endpoint. In the following snippet, a new email is created called My Email Campaign:

Note: as the API Reference Guide indicates, there are a number of required parameters which must be passed in for this endpoint. However, some of these parameters such as the from_address, can be configured in the user’s account through the web application. In this case these pre‑defined parameters don’t need to be included in the API call. If the required values are present neither as default settings in the app or in the API request, the server will return an error. The server returns the following response which includes the end point of the newly created email that will be used when sending the email:

Once an email has been successfully created, it can then be launched (sent). The email can be sent to one or more existing lists or a date/time can even be specified to launch the email in the future. The following snippet shows how a POST operation is performed on the endpoint for the email created above. In this example, the email will be sent to the list created previously:

The server will respond with the following indicating the status of the launch: